There’s a reason that merino wool is so special - and it all starts at the source.
The merino sheep are one of the oldest and hardiest breeds, characterised by their ability to withstand the most extreme conditions - from the high heats of scorching southern summers to the freezing cold winters of the rugged alpine ranges.
Conditions like that require a special kind of fleece. That’s where nature steps in to provide a coat that keeps the sheep cool in high temperatures, while adding an extra woolly layer so they stay warm when winter hits.
Despite its toughness, merino wool is fine and soft, with properties that are hard to match with man-made fibres. It’s merino’s natural ability to regulate temperature, wick away moisture and cancel out odours that make it so popular for both adventure gear and everyday wear. Softer and more gentle compared to other wool fibres, there’s a touch of luxury that comes with having merino wool against your skin.
It’s no surprise that some of the world’s finest merino wool is produced in the Southern Hemisphere, where our beautiful environments and leading farming practices ensure healthy sheep and high-quality fibres.
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